donderdag 29 april 2010

How Teachers Become Online Superstars

With video coming to age in the era of Social Graph, I have been noticing that sharing experiences online is becoming really popular and easy. And what also seems te be growing is the appreciation of speakers online. The TED talks are an example of inspiring people sharing their knowledge and thoughts and it attracts a global audience.

This made me think about some of my favorite teachers. There are a lot of teachers out there that are very gifted, not only in supporting their students in learning, but also as speakers. They have the ability to convey their passions about a topic and I am convinced that many people choose their vocation because they got inspired by a teacher.

But what can we expect in the near future? Online lectures will become increasingly more prevalent. So more and more teachers will show up online. It's only a matter of time that the talents of these teachers will also be discovered and recognized outside the confining walls of the class. I would even dare to predict that within 5 years the first breed of Superstar "Youtube" teacher will be a fact.

I hope to meet them soon!

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